Auchtermuchty Community Centre


Do you have some spare time or perhaps some great fundraising ideas?...If so, we want to hear from you!  Auchtermuchty Community Centre relies heavily on fundraising to keep the building up and running and in everyone knows how hard this can be, especially in a small village like Auchtermuchty.  Perhaps you are involved in another organisation and would consider a joint fundraising event??...If you would, please come along to our fundraising meeting which is open to all Auchtermuchty groups and organisations.  

Why we need fundraising

Your Community Centre costs a lot of money to run. We work on a budget of £25-£30k per year, of which about £19k come as a Revenue Grant from Fife Council. The rest we need to raise for ourselves from Affiliation Fees, Memberships, Room Lets and other activities.

2000 Club

The 2000 club is a draw which is done on the 1st Tuesday of every month, it only costs £1 a month and you are allocated with a number with a monthly prize of £50!



We can also make good use of a strange thing called MONEY.

The centre are always appreciative of all donations no matter how big or small.
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